Windjammer Landing

Skyy Network and its partners from the Rayneau Group in the Caribbean have teamed up with the large Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in St Lucia to provide a fast drone delivery service for guests and also in support of housekeeping operations.

The pilot phase of the project, completed in April 2022, was very successful, with extremely positive feedback from Windjammer guests and staff alike. Sustained operations are under preparation and will begin in the autumn of 2022. Deliveries will cover food and beverage, orders from the resort supermarket, as well as support for housekeeping. Windjammer will be the first resort in the world to have a fully integrated drone service available for its guests and staff. The future has arrived!

Rayneau Group

The Rayneau Group of companies is one of the largest business groups in the Caribbean. Focusing on construction, banking & financial services, and import/export, the Rayneau Group of companies has an eye for innovation and technology. Together, the Skyy Rayneau team has been expanding its footprint in St Lucia.

Pilot Project

Albanian Post

Skyy Network, in partnership with Swoop Aero, have successfully demonstrated an automated beyond visual line of sight flight between two key postal hubs of the Albanian Post in Tirana, Albania.

To our knowledge this is the first such flight in the world over a capital city, and one of the first in the world in an urban environment. The flight was conducted directly from Australia, and was approved following an operational risk assessment based on EU standards by the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority, with the support, awareness or participation of all stakeholders working to keep Albanian skies safe.

Watch the sky

More projects soon

HHLA Sky incorporates globally scalable end-to-end drone systems into business processes. The system enables more than 100 simultaneous drone operations beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Full turnkey solution for industrial and governmental tasks. Specialising in multi-rotor development, HHLA Sky solutions are optimal for various payloads over short range, such as Intra-resort logistics, and other sub-15km use cases.