Windjammer Landing Resort

Sky Network and Rayneau Group Launch World-First Resort Drone Delivery Service in St. Lucia

Our humble operational beginningsā€¦ Skyy Network and the Rayneau Group in the Caribbean teamed up with the large Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in St Lucia to provide fast drone delivery services for guests and also in support of housekeeping operations.

The pilot phase of the project, completed in April 2022, was very successful, with extremely positive feedback from Windjammer guests and staff alike. Deliveries covered food and beverage, orders from the resort supermarket, as well as support for housekeeping. Windjammer was officially the first resort in the world to have a fully integrated drone service available for its guests and staff.

Windjammer proved to be a unique confluence of risk variables that permit the safe operation of drones for this specific use case, coupled with the geographic challenge of climbing the resort’s 500 foot ‘hill’ by guests and housekeepers alike – there was a LOT to be gained by deploying drones. In order to deploy a similar service safely across large resorts globally, we believe the technology needs to mature further to mitigate the common risks not present at Windjammer Landing.