SkyGuardian 360

Advanced Air Risk Assessment Tool
by Skyy Network

SkyGuardian360 is a state-of-the-art software from Skyy Network, designed to enhance safety and expedite regulatory approvals for drone operations. Utilizing extensive aircraft movement data captured through ADS-B, FLARM, and other sources, this tool provides operators with precise risk assessments for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone flights.

Key features and benefits

Regulatory Approvals

Reduces the time to obtain flight permissions from months to weeks by providing data-backed safety validations to aviation authorities.

Operational Altitude

Enables drone operations up to 800 feet, surpassing the standard 500-foot limit, which opens up new possibilities for a range of drone applications.

Risk Modeling

Analyzes the probability of drone encounters with manned aircraft and the frequency of flights in each area, offering maximum safe altitudes for drone operations.

Data Integration

Accesses a historical dataset of at least a year from Amazon’s server API, ensuring accurate and comprehensive risk analyses.

Global Skalability

Can be implemented in any country within two weeks and adjusts to local traffic patterns and regulations, making it ideal for international operations.

Strategic Risk
Mitigation Suggestions

Provides mitigation strategies if the risk is too high, including coordination with air traffic control and adjusting safety protocols.

SkyGuardian 360 revolutionizes drone operation safety and compliance, enabling longer, higher, and safer flights. It is an essential tool for operators seeking to expand drone applications while adhering to safety standards.