Open Source UAS Traffic Management

Welcome to Skyy Network. An open source framework for building the most advanced UAS Traffic Management solutions.

What We Do

UAS Traffic Management (UTM) has evolved slowly.

As the infrastructure for UTM begins to evolve we see the cracks emerge on the social challenge of sharing access to airspace - a Limited Resource Public Good.

With a finite airspace single source data is not optional, but essential.

The Skyy Network is an advanced Distributed Ledger Technology bringing single source data to ANSP’s and UAS Service Providers.

We build & research robust, fault tolerant UTM core infrastructure with the most advanced technology available for safe, secure single source data exchange.

Who We Help

Leveraging the composability and speed of open source technology innovation, we build the most robust fault tolerant Flight Information Management Systems (FIMS) for ANSP UTM implementations.

While FIMS forms the heart of UTM, the interfaces and network infrastructure are as equally important for reducing controller workload while enabling a vibrant drone ecosystem and economy.

Our controller, drone operator and general public interfaces coupled with a custom UTM installation provide automated flight authorisation, strategic and tactical deconfliction, registry services and more for ANSP’s.


An open source, permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology connecting an industry.

Open Source?

Open Source Software principles provide the most robust framework for cyber-secure UTM installations. Building from an open source baseline gives a unique head start towards realising a certified, custom UTM system. Avoid reinventing the wheel, scale with open source.


To permit interoperability, data must be shared. Aeronautical information, static and dynamic geo-fences, and other data must be instantly promulgated through the network.

Skyy Network’s replicated state database maintains the low latency, fault tolerant global ‘state’ of airspace, delivering it to stakeholders as a single source of data truth.


Automation at scale is the future of UTM. Skyy Network’s consensus algorithms ensure deconfliction and route planning at the network layer.

The outcome is single source promulgation permitting scalable automated approvals from non-trusting horizontal networks of Service Providers.


Drone ID, first responder priority, ground and air risk are just some of the considerations in keeping people and property safe. In an autonomous (Skyy Network) world, rules are baked into the network and permissioned control resides with the designated authorities.

The outcome is granular autonomous and manual airspace controls, Drone ID & verifiable enforcement of rules for airspace administrators.

From over 300 entries around the world, SKYYNETWORK is a proud finalist in the first Aviation Blockchain Challenge, sponsored by Lufthansa & SAP



Rory Houston


20 year awarded Aviation veteran with 3500+ hours flight & instructional time across military (F-18, Hawk Mk 127) civilian (A320) and Autonomous aviation (IAI Heron UAS Afghanistan AO). Previous company leadership in property & construction, import/export & technology.

Sorin Moisa


Sorin has a Doctorate in International Relations from the Oxford University. Sorin is a former journalist and serving Member of the European Parliament, a former member of the EU Parliament International Trade Committee, and the Delegation for Relations with the USA. Whilst in parliament, Sorin built a name as a key supporter of digital, social and political innovation, which lead to his role as a co-founder of Skyy Network.

Chad Barraford


Chad Barraford has been a technical founder and entrepreneur since 2011. Chad worked with notable startups such as Brightcove (IPO), Cloudant (acquired), and RStudio. His technical expertise spans DevOps, full stack development, blockchain engineering, and CTO roles. A solver of problems, Chad’s passion for blockchain engineering started when he built his own blockchain from a blank sheet as an academic sandbox to experiment writing different consensus algorithms implementations. More recently, he was the winner of the Cosmos Berlin Hackathon 2019, and a core developer for blockchain startup BepSwap.

John-Paul Thorbjornsen

Blockchain Architect/Co-Founder

Blockchain Architect and DLT advocate. Focused on blockchain technology since 2013, founder of Canya & Thorchain and is an advisor to multiple blockchain projects. Aeronautical engineer from UNSW, and former military pilot.


Dr Aaron McFadyen


Aaron holds a Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering from QUT University in Brisbane, Australia. Most recently Aaron’s research has turned to UTM, winning the “Best UTM Paper” in 2019 at the DASC conference, beating all international competition. Aaron is co-lead of the JARUS WG6 sub-committee on Air Risk Quantitative Methods.

Michael Read


Michael is the founder of Skybase, an industry leading BLOS drone data service provider. Michael boasts an industry career spanning nearly 20 years in manned, unmanned and optionally piloted aviation, and across military, civilian and humanitarian operations, he is well placed to lead the establishment and growth of Skybase.

Joe Urli


Joe is the elected President of Australia’s peak commercial drone association (ACUO) and has a bachelors degree in aeronautics. Joe has been a member of the CASA CEO Directors Advisory Panel (DAP), Government’s Strategic Aviation Industry Consultative Council, UAS Standards Consultative Sub-Committee, NASA air safety operations program and represents Australia on the Paris-based International RPAS Coordination Council of UVS International.


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