An autonomous, safe and redundant global aviation network built on Distributed Ledger Technology



Information Ledger

Skyy Network’s first role is to process, order, persist and disseminate safety-critical aeronautical information using the Skyy Network Blockchain, enabling a single but redundant source of truth for the entire aviation industry.

Flight Ledger

The Skyy Network flight ledger is used to process, deconflict, authorise and disseminate flight plans on the network for unmanned and autonomous aerial vehicles in a safe, compliant and redundant way.

Rule Ledger

The Skyy Network rule ledger is designed to persist and disseminate a global set of rules that governs the entire protocol. Massive efficiencies in governance will be realised.

Weather Ledger

Similarly for the Information Ledger, the Weather Ledger is a specific ledger and decentralised data-store that maintains the truthful state of a global aviation weather data feed.


The drone industry is experiencing explosive growth. But without autonomy drone networks cannot scale. Deliveries, Urban Air Mobility, infrastructure inspection, security, etc.

The current aviation infrastructure is not ready for the future autonomous Sky.

"Drones must be allowed to self pilot"

Centralised voice and human manipulated data exchange aircraft-to-ground & aircraft-to-aircraft is currently limited to a maximum 10-12 transactions (conversations) per minute.

The aircraft of tomorrow must be able to communicate with multiple systems, autonomously.


The Southern Hemisphere (plus most of the North)


Crowd sourced data compatible


Economically incentivised empirical weather feeds


20,000 SkyyLedger Monthly Reads (with zero blockchain knowledge)

From over 300 entries around the world, SKYYNETWORK is a proud finalist in the first Aviation Blockchain Challenge, sponsored by Lufthansa & SAP


Rory Houston

Aviation Specialist and Entrepreneur.

Rory has 20+ years of aviation experience including over 3500 hours flight time across military & civilian manned and unmanned systems. F/A-18, Hawk Mk 127, PC-9, CT4, Heron UAS and Airbus A320 in both a hostile war-time environment & civilian operations. He has years of relevant Risk Management experience and is a respected Safety Management System expert. Rory has founded many successful businesses and run companies in construction, technology & Import/Export markets; including 2 successful exits.

JP Thor

Tokenomics Specialist, Aviator and Distributed Ledger Technology advocate

JP studied Aeronautical Engineering before serving operationally with the Royal Australian Air Force as a pilot for over 11 years. JP is the Founder of CanYa, an international project building decentralised applications for mainstream adoption using Blockchain technologies. JP has been actively involved in decentralised technologies since 2013, and is has advised several successful Blockchain projects. He is helping to accelerate the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology and highly respected both domestically and internationally for his knowledge and application of the technology.

Kyle Hornberg

Military Pilot and Operations Manager.

Kyle has a Bachelor of Technology (Aviation) and has served over a decade in the Royal Australia Air Force as a Tactical Airlift pilot and Strategic Operations Manager. Kyle has co-founded two successful Blockchain companies and has contemporary experience in remote team scaling and optimising, project management and User Acceptance Testing

Chris McLoughlin

Blockchain Advisor, Pilot and Marketing Specialist.

Chris studied Business at the Australia Defence Force Academy before serving over 12 years as a Surveillance and Response pilot. He is intimately familiar with encrypted and secure environments and has first hand experience in complex and dynamic airspaces. In addition to his aviation experience, he has become adept with traditional, guerrilla and online marketing techniques with experience across multiple successful startups.



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