Feet on the ground, head on the sky

We are a team brought together by an unlikely combination of serendipity, achievement, realism, and idealism. We happen to be different where that’s great and united by common drivers and values where that’s useful.

We truly want to make the world a better place. And our way is by making the sky work for all, so making life easier and healthier for all.

We strongly believe our solution will allow the industry to scale at unprecedented speed, by creating a dynamic high-trust ecosystem between commercial operators and regulators, while allowing competing service providers to evolve quickly in a frictionless environment.


  • Royal Australian Air Force
    F-18 Pilot/UAS Operator
  • Founder Choosly/Houston
    Property Group/Linda
    Meredith APAC

SORIN | Chairman

  • DPhil International
    Relations (Oxford) MEP EU
    2014 -2019
  • Politico Magazine:
    Europe’s Most Influential
    MEP’s x2

LUCIAN | Strategy

  • Founder Kondiment
  • Founder Majoritas Global
  • Managing Partner eJobs
    (2001 -2004)


  • Ph.D Aero. Eng. QUT
    Thesis – Mid-air Collision
  • Nova Systems Singapore
    UTM Engineer

As a team, we have the proven technical, political, business and regulatory expertise to deliver at scale. And we have the grit to glue those strengths together in an unbeatable solution that aligns all interests while acquiring societal acceptance.

Furthermore, we would like to offer the world that solution for free: open source is our credo for collective progress. Business models should be built on top, not at the expense, of a network designed for – and as – a public good.