Our squadron

At the helm, Rory, a veteran Royal Australian Air Force F-18 Pilot and UAS Operator, steers Skyy Network with precision and strategy. His path from the skies to the entrepreneurial realm is reflected in the ventures he’s founded, showcasing his acumen in aviation, business, and military domains.

Our Chairman, Sorin, with a doctorate in International Relations from Oxford and a tenure as an MEP, navigates the political and regulatory skies, ensuring a smooth flight for our drone solutions in varied geographies. His expertise is a cornerstone in building bridges with regulatory authorities, making Skyy Network a trusted name in the drone industry.

Lucian, head of Strategy, holds a legacy of founding and managing tech-centric enterprises and continually charts the strategic course, aligning our drone solutions with the market currents. His foresight is instrumental in ensuring Skyy Network remains at the forefront of technological and market evolutions.

Valtteri, our CTO, with a Ph.D. in Aero Engineering, is the tech-savvy mind ensuring our drones are equipped with cutting-edge software, making every flight with Skyy Network a step towards a safer, more efficient aerial domain.

Sam is an ex-Air Force Weapons Systems Officer & Instructor on F/A-18F Super Hornets, with extensive experience leading complex military operations. Sam has a Master’s Degree in Aviation Management and a Postgraduate Certificate in Safety and Accident Investigation, along with diverse experience as an Aviation Safety Manager, Human Factors Consultant, and a lead military Aircraft Accident Investigator.

Andrei is a dedicated UAS pilot fascinated by automation, computer vision, and the world of drones. With a genuine love for technology, I navigate the skies, exploring the endless possibilities that drones bring. Committed to advancing the field, I want to merge technical expertise with a passion for innovation.

Una worked in software development for 6 years, mostly in frontend development. Worked in promoting and teaching front-end development and computer science for people of all age groups. Finished her master’s degree at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade in the domain of Computer Science, currently writing her PhD thesis in the domain of UAV transportation and mathematical optimization.

Finley, our Global Operations Manager, comes to the Skyy Network team with nearly a decade of professional experience in the unmanned technology sector. His background in flight test engineering for large-scale unmanned systems, regulatory expertise, and in-depth understanding of unmanned technologies in military and commercial contexts make him a valuable asset. Outside work, Finley hones his aerobatic skills by taking Aerobatic planes for a spin and indulges his passion for surfing.

Aleksandar is lead systems architect at Skyy Network. Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Belgrade with more than 8 years of experience in software engineering and systems design. Worked in the unmanned systems industry for more than 4 years on creating C2 and UTM services.

Zoltan, serving as the General Manager for Romanian Operations at Skyy Network, has a longstanding interest in high-tech solutions. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, he spent part of his career as a Design Engineer for Airbus, where he specialized in designing aircraft interior parts. His passion for aviation eventually inspired him to become a commercial pilot and a flight instructor.

Besides being a UAV Pilot, Laurențiu brings a logistical perspective to flight data. With a background in the banking system and corporate administration, he ensures precision in collecting data from UAV operations. His analytical view and organizational skills further enhance efficiency in strategic planning, aerial transport management, and interpreting the data gathered from the skies to improve operations in general.

Introducing Daniel, a skilled UAV pilot at Skyy Network. He’s all about accurate flying and making sure things work smoothly. With his knack for solving problems, Daniel brings reliable and top-notch performance to every flight. Experience his commitment to excellence at Skyy Network, where he blends know-how and emotional intelligence for excellent results.