Velos V3


The Velos V3, with its IP65 rating and fully redundant configuration, supports a substantial payload capacity and multiple sensor capabilities, establishing it as a dependable UAV helicopter choice. Its robust twin-motor drive system and an operational range of up to 50km/31 miles ensure both reliability and adaptability for various civil or commercial uses. Additionally, the Payload Over Rotor (POR) feature facilitates the integration of a ballistic parachute or alternative sensor enhancements.

Technical Sheet


Rotor diameter RD 1950mm/76.5in

Length L 1720mm/67.7in

Height H 730mm/28.75in*

Width W 620mm/24.4in

Fuselage Width FW 230mm/9in

Empty Weight 8.5kg/19lbs

Battery Weight 4-10kg/9-22lbs

Payload Weight 10kg/22lbs *depends on POR payload


Payload Capacity 15.8kg/35lbs*

MTOW Under 25kg/55lbs

Endurance Up to 80 minutes

Cruise Speed 39070 km/h | 8-18 m/s

Min/Max Speed 1-120 km/h | 1-33 m/s *depends on configuration and weather conditions